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Australia’s fashion industry is vibrant and continually evolving, with a strong emphasis on both style and sustainability. For retailers and fashion enthusiasts, finding the right suppliers who can offer trendy and high-quality tops is crucial to maintaining an edge in a competitive market. This article explores the top 10 suppliers of trendy tops on the global, each known for their distinctive styles, exceptional quality, and reliability. Whether you’re looking to stock up on the latest fashion or find unique pieces that stand out, these suppliers have something for everyone. Let’s delve into the distinctive features and contributions of each supplier.

1.Style State

Origin: Based in Australia, Style State has established a strong reputation for staying on top of fashion trends with new arrivals every Monday.

Reputation: Known for their rapid product updates, they introduce new arrivals weekly, ensuring retailers always have fresh and fashionable items to offer. Style State’s trendy tops are designed to cater to various tastes and occasions, making them a go-to for businesses looking to keep up with fashion trends.

Product Offerings: They offer a wide range of women’s apparel including dresses, jumpsuits, knitwear, jackets, coats, tops, bottoms, playsuits, and sets.

Standout Features: Known for their same-day dispatch and express shipping, Style State also has in-house designers ensuring quality and fit tailored to Australian sizing.

2.Palm Collective

Origin & Reputation: Palm Collective is recognized for its commitment to sustainable fashion and quality in women’s clothing.

Product Offerings: They provide a variety of dresses, bottoms, tops, playsuits, and accessories, all made sustainably.

Standout Features: The brand focuses on slow fashion with a contemporary edge, offering unlimited fashion wholesale opportunities to boutiques in Australia and New Zealand. They specialize in eco-friendly women’s clothing, offering a collection that includes dresses, tops, and accessories. By focusing on slow fashion, Palm Collective ensures each piece is crafted with care and quality. Their tops are not just fashionable but are also made with sustainable practices, appealing to eco-conscious consumers who do not wish to compromise on style.


Origin & Reputation: Hingto is known for its premium quality athletic and leisure wear in Australia.

Product Offerings: Their product line includes swimwear, athleisure, streetwear, merchandise, activewear, and sportswear.

Standout Features: Offers a comprehensive customization service for apparel businesses looking to brand their own products. Unique to Hingto is their customization service, which allows businesses to create bespoke branded apparel. This feature is particularly beneficial for companies looking to stand out with custom-designed trendy tops and other clothing items. Hingto’s approach not only supports branding efforts but also ensures that the products align perfectly with customer expectations and current fashion standards.

4. Spicysugar Fashion

Origin & Reputation: Spicysugar Fashion is an Australian brand known for vibrant and trendy women’s fashion.

Product Offerings: Their offerings include a variety of women’s clothing such as tops, dresses, and an inclusive range of sizes.

Standout Features: The brand is celebrated for its vibrant designs and frequent new arrivals that keep up with fast fashion trends. Spicysugar Fashion offers a colorful and diverse range of women’s clothing, including a variety of trendy tops. What sets them apart is their commitment to vibrant designs and inclusive sizing, ensuring that every woman finds her perfect fit and style. Their tops are designed to make a statement, featuring bold patterns and colors that cater to a fashion-forward audience seeking distinctive styles.

5. Orientique

Origin & Reputation: Known for its use of natural fabrics and vibrant prints, Orientique is a well-respected name in the Australian fashion industry.

Product Offerings: Their clothing line includes beautifully crafted tops, dresses, and more, focused on comfort and style.

Standout Features: The brand emphasizes organic and vibrant patterns, catering to both younger and mature demographics. Orientique is notable for its use of natural fabrics and vibrant prints, which make their clothing line, including tops, appealing to a broad audience. Their fashion pieces are designed to resonate with both younger and mature consumers, providing versatile options that blend contemporary styling with comfort. Orientique’s commitment to eco-friendly materials further enhances their market appeal, attracting those who prioritize environmental consciousness in their fashion choices.

6. OCC Apparel

Origin & Reputation: OCC Apparel stands out in Australia for its focus on organic and ethical clothing production.

Product Offerings: They offer a range of stylish tops suitable for various markets, alongside other ethical clothing options.

Standout Features: The company is known for its sustainable practices and commitment to ethical fashion. OCC Apparel focuses on producing organic and ethical clothing, with a stylish range of tops that meet the needs of various market segments. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their use of organic materials and ethical production practices. OCC Apparel’s tops are ideal for consumers and businesses that aim to support and promote eco-friendly fashion, combining style with responsibility.

7. Valeria Label

Origin & Reputation: Valeria Label is known for its luxurious and high-end fashion offerings in Australia.

Product Offerings: Specializes in luxury garments including fashion-forward tops and elegant dresses.

Standout Features: The brand is noted for its exclusive designs and high-quality materials, aiming at the luxury market. Valeria Label offers an exclusive selection of luxury garments, with a particular focus on high-end fashion tops and dresses. Their products are crafted for those who seek sophistication and elegance in their wardrobe. Valeria Label’s tops are characterized by their exquisite materials and meticulous craftsmanship, appealing to a clientele that appreciates luxury and cutting-edge design.

8. Simply Wholesale

Origin & Reputation: Simply Wholesale is known for offering a vast array of products at competitive wholesale prices.

Product Offerings: They offer a broad range of fashion tops as well as electronics, home goods, and more.

Standout Features: Noted for its extensive product range and deep discounts, making it a go-to for diverse wholesale needs. Simply Wholesale stands out for providing a vast array of products at competitive wholesale prices, including fashion tops. Their business model is designed to support small to medium-sized enterprises with affordable yet stylish options. Simply Wholesale’s tops offer versatility and style, making it easier for retailers to stock up on trendy pieces without compromising their budget.

9. BlankClothing

Origin & Reputation: BlankClothing is an Australian wholesale provider known for its plain and customizable apparel.

Product Offerings: They provide a variety of tops in different styles and colors that are ideal for custom branding.

Standout Features: The ability to purchase plain apparel that customers can then customize is a key feature of their business model. BlankClothing is the go-to supplier for plain apparel that can be customized for branding purposes, offering a variety of tops in different styles and colors. This flexibility makes BlankClothing an ideal partner for businesses that want to personalize their offerings or promote their brand through custom printed or embroidered tops. Their products serve as a perfect canvas for creativity.

10.Tong Yao

Introducing TongYao, your premier destination for trandy tops crafted with care and conscience. Nestled in the heart of China’s textile hub, we pride ourselves on merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair. Our dedication to eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices sets us apart in the fashion landscape.

At TongYao, we’re not just suppliers; we’re stewards of the earth. By utilizing recycled fabrics and prioritizing ethical production, we offer more than just elegant attire — we offer a commitment to a greener future. Our dresses are a testament to our values: exquisite, timeless, and eco-conscious.


In conclusion, navigating Australia’s dynamic fashion industry requires aligning with suppliers who not only offer trendy and high-quality tops but also prioritize sustainability and ethical practices. The top 10 suppliers outlined in this article stand out for their unique offerings, whether it’s Style State’s rapid updates or Palm Collective’s commitment to sustainable fashion.

As retailers and fashion enthusiasts, it’s imperative to support suppliers like OCC Apparel and TongYao, who prioritize organic materials and ethical production, contributing to a greener future for the fashion industry. Furthermore, brands like BlankClothing provide customization options, empowering businesses to showcase their unique identity through branded apparel.

To maintain an edge in the competitive market and meet the growing demand for sustainable fashion, it’s essential for retailers to partner with suppliers who share their values. By supporting these suppliers and embracing sustainable practices, we not only enhance our businesses but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious fashion landscape.

Let’s take action by supporting these top suppliers, embracing sustainable fashion practices, and collectively shaping a more ethical and stylish future for the Australian fashion industry. Together, we can make a difference, one trendy top at a time.


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