Top 10 Eco-Friendly Clothing Manufacturers in Australia

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Currently, the fashion industry is indeed at a crossroads because the mindset that environmental sustainability is simply a fashionable accessory is being replaced by a truth – sustainability is the key. Green revolution – the world-renowned instance of ‘clear waters’ and ‘clean nature’ conservation – is led by Australia nowadays. The domains of green fashion brands extend in a huge variety in the country that completely change the sense of sustainability and wellness in fashion. These companies are not just manufacturers of green women’s clothing, but also, if you pay attention, they are turning into committed examples for the fashion industry all over the world. This article is geared towards showcasing the top 10 eco-friendly clothing manufacturers in Australia and how they are transforming the fashion industry. The organic cotton clothing supplier, as well as the women’s boutique wholesale supplier of the same, are giving a new dimension to sustainable fashion by making it a must-factor for their outfits at every stitch.

Top 10 Companies in Eco-friendly Fashion

Australia, with many eco-brands, is the cradle for sustainable fashion and actively contributes to ecologically sound fashion practices. Not only are their products trendy, but they are also about purpose, eco-friendly, and social change. Let’s wind up with the top 10 eco-friendly clothing manufacturers in Australia, exploring their background, reputation, specialties, and the changes they’ve led and identifying the best ones.

1. Outland Denim

Origin: Outland Denim was incepted, with its core purpose being to create hi-tech, sustainable sources of income and employment for women in Cambodia who are victims of human trafficking.

Reputation: It has positive effects, for instance, when Meghan Markel chose their jeans due to their ethical production.

Specialty: They are on a mission to manufacture outstanding denim that remains competitively priced and environmentally friendly, made using organic cotton and dyeing processes sensitive to the environment. On the other hand, they have a variety of items, including Tencel shirts wholesale and lace hem trousers that are manufactured with the sustainable principle in mind.

Difference Made: Beyond fashion, Outland Denim provides the community it serves with opportunities that empower (vulnerable) women, thus directly addressing pressing social issues.

Standout Features: Their jeans are not just fashion-friendly but also have the advantage of ultimate comfort and longevity, which is why they are a suitable addition to any conscious wardrobe.

2. Vege Threads

Origin: In comparison to its competitors, Vege Threads has a core philosophy of manufacturing its products locally and using sustainable natural raw materials; thus, it has become the epitome of eco-fashion fashion.

Reputation: The Company is iconic for its minimalist styles and has won acceptance among green living lovers, who constitute the bulk of its followers.

Specialty: They only show attention to crude and ethically created basics such as the last comfy t-shirts and knitted sweaters that the company owners produce with lesser environmental cost.

Difference Made: The carbon emission factor is significantly decreased with local production as this means in regards to both the natural environment and the Australian economy.

Standout Features: Eco-dyes, along with transparency in the supply chain, are what differentiate them from any other fashion business committed to sustainability.

3. Spell & The Gypsy Collective

Origin: Byron Bay is this brand’s origin story, and the magic of the current-day bohemian life is what the brand offers with an integral focus on the environment.

Reputation: Spell is recognized for the spectacularity of its prints and dream-like designs, which places it high on the list of options among conventional green fashionistas.

Specialty: Their clothing is at the top with their designs of flowy, dreamy gowns and accessories that, at the same time, can give someone the look of royalty and would not affect the environment.

Difference Made: Practicing full circle, in terms of the materials, Spell consciously makes efforts to reduce waste and water use, making their amazing pieces less harsh to the environment.

Standout Features: However, it is their dedication to circular fashion, which found expression through such factors as garment recycling and take-back programs, that is the source of, depending on which way you look at it, their competitiveness.

4. Arnhem Clothing

Origin: Arnhem Bickley is a company that loves Nature and a bohemian lifestyle. It is for this reason that this brand is dedicated to showcasing the vivacious landscapes of Australia.

Reputation: Arnhem is praised for its humorous yet significant, eco-friendly floral patterns and enlargement of audience. This is the reason for global people’s interest in it.

Specialty: Women who love the bold prints and relaxed silhouettes made of sustainable fabrics that narrate the lies of love and sea will certainly appreciate their pieces.

Difference Made: This women’s boutique wholesale supplier is an eminent green movement supporter, giving its resources to different environmental projects and monitoring production values.

Standout Features: The fact that in their operations, this women’s clothing supplier turns to renewable energy and that they are also focused on packaging that is biodegradable are highlights of their earth-friendly approach.

5. Boody

Origin: Boody started with a simple idea: create basic wearing essentials made from organic bamboo, which is also environmentally friendly.

Reputation: It’s just a staple for people looking for sustainable and everyday options, which became known for being extraordinarily comfortable and eco-friendly.

Specialty: They specialize in all-bamboo viscose knits, both breathable and eco-friendly, that go from underwear to active wear.

Difference Made: What is noteworthy about Boody is the hiring of renewable materials and ethical production. The fellowship can bring a significant reduction of carbon footprint in the fashion industry.

Standout Features: The brand’s engagement with third-party certifications, like Ecocert and OEKO-TEX, guarantees that they are not harmful to potential consumers as well as the environment.

6. The Social Outfit

Origin: This manufacturer helps in Sydney by outdoing fashion with social justice and employment and training people in the community for those who are newcomers.

Reputation: The brand is widely appreciated for its funky, colorful design patterns, so you enjoy wearing their pieces and all the good work they stand for, which is rare to find in the Australian fashion industry.

Specialty: Their brand is known for offering fashionable clothes and accessories that are handmade by competent and uniquely talented artisans of different backgrounds.

Difference Made: Sustainable eco-friendly clothing not only is a fashion the main activity for the Social Outfit, but it also provides the beneficiaries of the outfit with education and links to the community.

Standout Features: This way, they keep each piece with such uniqueness that it reflects the owner – thereby cutting down on waste and also utilizing the imperfect fabrics that were donated.

7. Bhumi Organic Cotton

Origin: Bhumi came to being after the desire that they could offer organic cotton clothes and bed bedding, which has grown under the fair trade and is sustainable from field to fashion.

Reputation: Bhumi, which has brought a unique standard of crazy-organic practics, is a known brand for that over-conscious about the environment.

Specialty: They are regarded as an expert in organic cotton garments for ultimate sheer, sinuous, breathable material, ranging from organic linen tops to basic items of home décor, which reflects their care for the planet.

Difference Made: Instead of traditional cotton, they use organic cotton that saves much water and does no harm to insects by chemicals. So the environment and people can stay healthy.

Standout Features: The brand’s pursuit of fair trade principles helps achieve ethical means of production while aiding in the development of cotton-farming communities.

8. Etiko

Origin: Aiming to provide a socially and environmentally responsible substitute for the mass-producer footwear and clothes system, Etiko felt obliged to start the brand.

Reputation: An Australian-based fashion brand that is well known for its transparent supply chain and its ethical credentials and is considered to be the pioneer of the fair trade movement in Australia.

Specialty: They are best known for their sneakers made from fair trade and organic cotton, along with casual wear, which is never at the expense of sustainable fashion.

Difference Made: Every style distributed by Etiko means better conditions wherever its production takes place, ensuring a fair wage and safe working environment for all.

Standout Features: Their selection of materials in products and packaging, either organic or recycled, clearly expresses their concern over harm to the environment.

9. Kowtow

Origin: Given other kinds of apparel brands, we’ve seen Kowtow taking a lot of America by storm with its high level of ethics and sustainability.

Reputation: The label adheres to a minimalist architectural design style, which can be revealed with best sustainability practices.

Specialty: On top of Kowtow’s classic cotton-made designs that are produced ethnically and to last, the brand stands out on the market.

Difference Made: Their passion for ethical sourcing and the use of natural fabrics along the way is highly supportive of the worldwide campaign for sustainable fashion.

Standout Features: Being reputable for the use of bioenergy by Kowtow in the supply chain and toxic dying in the manufacturing process is one of the best types of green fashion in the market.

10. TongYao

Origin: The Eco-fashion Tong Yao is a China based manufacturer that has set a precedent in the Australian market, starting with the pursuit of creating fashion products that are environmentally friendly and ethically responsible. We are a leading manufacturer specializing in the design, development and production of natural fiber and eco-friendly apparel.

Reputation: We are respected for our dedication to transparency, ethical manufacturing, and the use of eco-friendly materials by environmental activists.

Specialty: We provides a variety of stylish and sustainable pieces created from organic and natural fibers, which address the growing demand among consumers for ecologically responsible products.

Difference Made: Via the application of fair and environmentally friendly production as well as the utilization of sustainable fabrics, we ensure a safe planet and a fashion industry with much-improved standards of fairness.

Standout Features: We stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and incorporate them into our designs, ensuring that our collection is always on point. Quality is our utmost priority, and we adhere to strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. From sourcing the finest materials to employing advanced production techniques, we ensure that every piece of garments that leaves our factory meets the highest standards of excellence.


Sustainable fashion in Australia is increasing in popularity due to the efforts of these 10 most notable eco-friendly clothing manufacturers. Each brand offers its own distinctive feature of ethical practices, with Outland denim and recycled materials with Tong Yao as examples. Tong Yao, a China-based manufacturer, has also made its mark in the Australian market with its environmentally friendly and ethically responsible approach to fashion. As we continue to embrace eco-conscious consumerism, let us support these pioneering companies in their journey towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion landscape. For inquiries or collaborations, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Tong Yao to join hands in creating a better, more sustainable world for future generations.


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